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Go for your 951 victory.


Go for your 951 victory.




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The Roger Federer Song!!!!

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Roger Federer defeats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 2-6 7-6(6) 6-1 in the Quarterfinals of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. With this win, he marks his 4th semifinal in Monte-Carlo, his 50th Masters 1000 tour level semifinal and his 950th career victory.


Roger Federer: God of grace, elegance, and pure finesse.


Roger Federer: God of grace, elegance, and pure finesse.


Truly rough match for Nadal today, losing to David Ferrer 6-7 4-6 in Monte-Carlo.

Ferrer played about as well as I think he was ever going to, and he deserves credit for that, but Rafa just didn’t bring it, and that must be acknowledged for the sake of fairness and reality.

Nadal’s groundstrokes were hemorrhaging errors at times, the reliability of the serve was questionable, and his return was not at all potent when it needed to be. Ultimately, he struggled with the problem he’s had since Beijing in 2013: in-match inconsistency. And, Rafa can usually get away with that, as he has many times in the last 7 months, but he had other problems on top of inconsistency today, namely a lack of the aggressive mindset that drove him to win the US Open last year and a relentless Ferrer who got every ball back, thereby exploiting Rafa’s inconsistency and drawing errors.

There’s good news, though: according to his press conference, Rafa recognizes exactly what he was doing wrong in terms of his passive play. The challenge will be willing himself to play aggressively (i.e. rip forehands) when he might not be all that confident in his game. I suspect that he will use his next tournament in Barcelona to re-acclimate to aggressive-minded tennis, and I expect his confidence and consistency to be restored by Roland Garros.



Shall we dance ?

A Waltz in Monte Carlo